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The Cast

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Bernard Hill

Character:King Theoden of Rohan
Description: The once noble King of Rohan has succumbed to a devastating spell cast by the wizard Saruman through his spy Grima Wormtongue

Bernard Hill has enjoyed a multifaceted acting career on both sides of the Atlantic, starring in top British (Mountains of the Moon, Shirley Valentine) and American (Titanic, True Crime, The Ghost and the Darkness) feature films as well as scores of television and stage productions.

Born in Manchester, England, he made his English television debut in 1973 in Mike Leigh's first film, Hard Labour. Balancing stage, film and television work, Hill starred in films such as Gandhi, The Bounty, No Surrender, Blessed Art Thou, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Going Off Big Time and The Criminal. He was most recently seen in The Scorpion King. He was also see in the award-winning television productions of I, Claudius, Henry VI trilogy and Richard III; Antigone; Boys From the Black Stuff; The Mill on the Floss; and Great Expectations.

He makes his debut in The Lord of the Rings trilogy in The Two Towers and will next be seen in The Return of the King.

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