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So you did filming on location, but that was just one part of the process. What's involved in making Gollum whole?
For some of the scenes, the animators literally draw over me, in an effect called rotoscoping. But for most of it, I'd recreate a scene filmed on set in a motion capture studio.

How does motion capture work?
I wore another kind of skin-tight suit with dots all over it. Each dot is a coordinate to a joint in your body. They're picked up by 25 cameras all around the room, which send the coordinates to a computer, which makes a stick-and-dot figure of my body on the screen. So when I moved my body, my movements were "captured" by this figure on screen.

Is the motion capture process restricting or liberating as an actor?
Motion capture gives you enormous freedom to move, as the camera just picks all your movement up. I didn't have the prosthetics that the other characters did, except for when I played the Smeagol scenes.

Is it strange, as an actor, to have a computer reconfiguring your performance?
It is strange. Every facial muscle movement in my face has been analyzed by animators for the last three years. They pretend they're having conversations with you, but really they're looking at your face.