The Fellowship has been divided and an ominous shadow is once more spreading across the lands of Middle-earth.

An unholy alliance has been formed between Two Towers: Orthanc, the stronghold of the corrupted wizard Saruman and Barad-dur, the fortress of the Dark Lord Sauron.

Now, even as Frodo continues his desperate quest to destroy the One Ring, his destiny and those of the remaining members of the Fellowship is held between the shadows cast by The Two Towers.

One will affect the Ringbearer and his loyal companion, the other will seek to destroy the world of Men.

Home To: The Dark Lord Sauron

Located: Deep in the lands of Mordor, in the midst of the imposing Ash Mountains.

History: The greatest fortress in Middle-earth, the dark tower of Barad-dur was constructed during the Second Age by Sauron using the power of the One Ring. Although Sauron was defeated at the end of the Second Age, the stronghold itself could not be destroyed as long as the One Ring survived. When Sauron began to gather strength again in the Third Age, he returned to Barad-dur and restored this impenetrable structure along with his own power.

From here: Sauron directs his relentless search for the One Ring, oversees the spread of his evil empire and plots the rise of Orc and Uruk-Hai armies. Sauron also communicates from Barad-dur directly with Orthanc, via the palantir, or seeing stone.

Home To: The corrupted wizard Saruman

Located: In the center of the fortress Isengard, near the base of the Misty Mountains. Orthanc occupies a critical position in Middle-earth, providing the forces of evil with a place to keep watch over the lands of men and the strategic gap of Rohan.

History: The impregnable stronghold, soaring 500 feet above the plain of Isengard, was built from four pillars of unbreakable black rock by Aragornís Gondorian forefathers. Over time, the towerís importance diminished and it was eventually abandoned. Then, late in the Third Age, Saruman took up residence in Orthanc with the blessing of Gondor. But he became seduced by his own quest for power, fell under Sauronís sway and turned Orthanc into a fortified base for dark operations.

From here: Saruman oversees the creation of a massive army of Orcs and Uruk-Hai, fierce warriors eager to do his bidding and follow the will of Sauron. Also from within Orthanc, Saruman schools the treacherous Grima Wormtongue, his agent of evil who clouds the mind of Rohanís once-great King Theoden and opens the door for the destruction of all men.