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Preview the latest images in this exclusive new photo gallery for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

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Revisit Middle-earth with an exclusive interview of Peter Jackson introducing the second installment of the trilogy, a new photo gallery and a Two Towers screensaver.

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Special Features

An Experience to Remember - Tolkien scholar Bill Welden's adventure to The Lord of the Rings set.
A Hobbit's Doorstep - Picture yourself in Middle-earth using IPIX technology.

Travel back to New Zealand with the cast and filmmakers from The Lord of the Rings with a series of on the set interviews that took place during the production of the trilogy of movies.

Interview with Elijah Wood - Part 1 of 2

Director Peter Jackson talks about his inspiration for making the film.

MP3 (248K)

Producer Barrie Osborne discusses The Lord of the Rings legend.

MP3 (195K)

Dialogue & Language Coach Andrew Jack discusses staying true to the fans and JRR Tolkien's vision.

MP3 (204K)

Producer Barry Osborne talks about Director Peter Jackson and the making of the film.

MP3 (296K)

Richard Taylor (Director of WETA Workshop)
Billy Boyd (Pippin) on the differences between Humans and Hobbits. (Quicktime Video)
Q&A with Director Peter Jackson
Philippa Boyens (Writer)
Fiona McDonald (Props Maker)
Nick Williams (Rock and Foam Department Supervisor)
Richie Cordobes (On-set Physical Effects)