The Filmmakers
The Filmmakers

A lifelong fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's novels, Mark Ordesky was an early champion of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at New Line Cinema and, as an executive producer of all three films, played a key role in their production. Ordesky is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of New Line Productions.

In 1997, following the acquisition of the Oscar-winning Shine, Ordesky began his tenure as the head of Fine Line Features, where he helped create a unique film culture supporting the efforts of the creative community. Ordesky and Fine Line have established relationships with such directors as Bernardo Bertolucci, Lars Von Trier, and David Mamet and provided a haven for emerging talent such as Sundance winners Gavin O'Connor

(Tumbleweeds) and Bob Pulcini and Shari Spring Berman (American Splendor). Ordesky has also acquired such acclaimed films as Saving Grace, the Oscar-nominated Before Night Falls, Tumbleweeds, The Sweet Hereafter and American Splendor. His career at New Line Cinema began 15 years ago when he developed a taste for material as a script reader. Working his way up the ladder at the company, Ordesky did everything from managing the company's relationship with John Waters to successfully introducing Jackie Chan to U.S. audiences with the breakout hit Rumble in the Bronx.

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