August 2000

Sir Ian McKellen recently took the time to discuss his time at New Zealand's Mt. Ruapehu in the "Grey Book" section of his official website, with a cornucopia of images, and assorted details on Gandalf's scenes with Bilbo.

Other scenes shot in recent days include those at Isengard, along the Anduin River, and those along the slopes of Amon Hen.

Gaming company DECIPHER has acquired the trading card and digital trading card rights to the LORD OF THE RINGS films, as well as the card rights to Tolkien's novels. DECIPHER has the rights to develop and market games for six years, with a renewal right for an additional five years, and this includes Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and any eventual HOBBIT feature film. "We are extremely proud to be involved with such a wonderful property and production," said Warren Holland, Chairman and CEO of Decipher. "Everything we have seen from script to film footage points to a motion picture experience of monumental proportions. Our goal is to recreate and enhance that movie experience long after people leave the theater. We have a team of enormously creative employees who are passionately dedicated to this property and we will be bringing to life some of the most valuable and collectible game cards ever created."

JRR Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy recently came in first in the London newspaper METRO's literary popularity poll, beating Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at #2, and the Bible at #3. Tolkien ranked #12 on the list of most popular authors.

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