The Production
The Production

Dave Johnson (Head Animal Wrangler)
Steve Old (Horse Coordinator)
Casey O'Neill (Horse Stunts Coordinator)
Don Reynolds (Horse Trainer)
John Scott (Horse Technical Advisor)
Lyle Edge (Horse Technical Advisor)

The stunts in The Lord of The Rings not only required a massive human effort but an animal one as well. The Lord of The Rings used more than 250 horses, including a corps of 70 specially trained horses who take the Fellowship members across the lands of Middle-earth in The Fellowship of The Ring. Among them are the five miniature horses used for the hobbits, and the two proud white Andalusians used to bring Shadowfax, the wizard Gandalf’s mysteriously wild and courageous steed, to life. This multi-faceted department was helmed by head animal wrangler Dave Johnson, horse coordinator Steve Old, horse technical advisors John Scott and Lyle Edge, and horse stunt coordinator Casey O’ Neill.
The Production

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