The Production
The Production

Peter King (Make-Up and Hair Designer)
Peter Owen (Make-Up and Hair Designer)

Peter King and Peter Owen work closely with Peter Jackson in creating each character's look. They carefully consider the color, style, shape, length and adornments for each wig as well as each character's makeup, from the pale and elegant Elves to the weatherbeaten Aragorn.

Every principal actor has a wig designed for their role. Wigs are carefully applied and are invisible to the human eye. Each wig must be washed, styled and cared for as one might treat their own hair.

In addition to the character's basic makeup, the make-up artists also add a variety of dirt, blood, scratches and gashes that the character would encounter during the difficulty of their journey. The makeup artists work closely with prosthetics artists to coordinate the adding of prosthetic features during the makeup process.

The size of the hair and makeup department swells depending on the extras working on the set each day. They are a very mobile team and move from location to location in buses especially designed to accommodate their needs and supplies.

The Production

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