The Production
The Production

Alex Funke (Director of Photography)
Chuck Shuman (Director of Photography)
David Hardberger (Director of Photography)

The miniature production unit staffs a crew of twenty and is guided by Director of Photography, Alex Funke. All of the miniatures are housed and shot within an enormous 24,000 square foot warehouse stage.

To start the process, a scale miniature is built and ranges in size from a few centimeters to several meters, affectionately coined "bigatures". Each model is created to an astonishing level of perfection by an artist at the WETA workshop. The Miniatures crew then lights the model and replicates the environment captured when the live action was shot. Special cameras, cranes and structures are used so that technicians can move smoothly around the entire model creating huge sweeping crane type shots as well as delicate intricate movements.

To create the lava and volcanic eruptions featured on The Lord of the Rings, artists use a series of pumps, hoses and liquid concoctions that, when combined with dramatic lighting, create a realistic environment.

The Production

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